The biggest crane in the port of Marseille is an Effer!

10 Jun 2016

At the end of April there has been a long night of excitement to install the 125000 Effer marine crane in the old port of Marseille, Quai Rive Neuve.

It was Bouygues TP to start this project, winning the tender launched by the Ingerop Group on behalf of the city of Marseille in the context of the development of the old port.

Appydro was awarded with the contract for the purchase of a marine crane and hydraulic performance. The choice fell on an Effer 125000 Crane (22 tons to 5.40 metres and 12.24 tons to 12 metres), infact such in important project required a marine crane with outstanding performance.

Appydro then handled the delivery of the crane (with the authorization applications required for the presence of such a convoy in a tourist area), its complete installation and the realization of a technical room housing the hydraulic power unit (250 bar, 50 kWA engine, designed by Appydro) that will supply the Effer 125000.

The commissioning of the crane was effective at the end of May for the maintenance activity of the Yacht Club of Marseille boats, and it has been a great success for Effer and our partner Appydro to turn this important project into reality.